Societas Sancti Iustini Martyris

Society of St Justin, Martyr


Welcome to the SSIM webiste.  You can also find us on Facebook.  New members are always welcome to apply to join the Society.  Please see our pages on Duties of Membership and How to Apply for more details.  There is no annual subscription for those currently applying.

Societas Sancti Iustini Martyris, the Society of S. Justin, Martyr, is constituted under the 1983 Code of Canon Law as ‘a private association of Christ’s faithful in response to the call to make a common effort to foster a more perfect life’; in this instance through the promotion of faithfulness to the magisterium of the Catholic Church, the observance of the Precepts of the Church and the carrying out of spiritual works of mercy.


In particular when visiting  medieval parish churches, cathedrals, shrines and monasteries of the British isles, or elsewhere, which are now no longer used for Christian worship or are in use by other ecclesial bodies, members pray for the souls of those who served the Catholic Church there in former times, make reparation for past wrongs and pray for the unity of Christ’s people around the See of Peter

                                Shrine of S Alban, Protomartyr

S Justin, Martyr at Rome

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2 Cox’s End
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